MAB Int'l. Services Inc. (MABIS) hits Alberta Ltd.

Posted date: 12:36 pm 07 Apr 2012

MAB Int'l. Services Inc. (MABIS) hits Alberta Ltd. for riding on its 'high trust rating, good standing' among OFWs

THE management and staff of MAB Int'l. Services Inc. (MABIS) were saddened to learn only recently that its acronym had been used by unscrupulous Canadian businessmen, who duped people mostly Filipinos seeking employment in Canada.

To set the record straight, MAB Int'l. Services Inc. (MABIS) and 1438436 Alberta Ltd. carrying on business as "MABIS Recruitment Agency" are not sister companies nor affiliated to each other.

MAB Int'l. Services Inc. (MABIS) was registered at the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) and at the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 2004 while 1438436 Alberta Ltd was registered at the Canadian Ministry of Service Alberta in 2007.

Filipino applicants together with existing foreign principals known MAB Int'l. Services Inc. as MABIS since 2004.

We, therefore, do not know why the owners of 1438436 Alberta Ltd. had carried on its business as "MABIS Recruitment Agency" other than to "ride on the high trust rating" and "good standing" being enjoyed by MAB Int'l. Services Inc. (MABIS) among the Filipino applicants, existing and new foreign principals as well as Philippine government authorities.

Apparently, the owners of 1438436 Alberta Ltd. identified as Alex Chee (Singaporean) and his wife, Velma Veloria (Filipino), who migrated to Canada, had a "clear, malicious and diabolical intention" in carrying on business as "MABIS Recruitment Agency in Canada."

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