Recruitment Procedure

Interested to hire appropriately qualified and experienced Filipino workers? All foreign companies can do it! But you must work thru a POEA-licensed agency such as MAB Int'l. Services Inc. (MABIS) to select and process the worker's deployment clearance.

The Philippine government thru the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) closely monitors the activities of companies engaged in the deployment of Filipino workers for employment to other countries.

Illegal recruitment in the Philippines is classified as capital offense and therefore it's maximum penalty is life imprisonment.

Recruiting Filipino workers without license from POEA or not thru a POEA-licensed recruitment agency such as MAB Int'l. Services Inc. (MABIS) is tantamount to illegal recruitment.

To ensure every Filipino worker's protection, he or she has to go thru a process which includes but not limited to the accreditation of his or her foreign employer to the POEA under MAB Int'l. Services Inc.

Being a POEA-licensed agency, MABIS will perform, for and on behalf of a foreign company all activities from sourcing, screening and deploying Filipino workers upon undergoing a Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar and complying other requirements such as Overseas Employment Certificate and Mandatory Insurance.

Among the documents that a foreign company and MAB Int'l. Services Inc. (MABIS) must submit to be able to recruit Filipino workers in the Philippines are - Job Order / Manpower Request, Employment Contract, Special Power of Attorney and Business / Commercial Registration among others.

Kindly see downloadable forms for Employers.

The fees of MABIS are very competitive without sacrificing the quality of the workers. But the fees vary depending on the actual quantity of the workers required, the qualification of the workers to be hired and the length of time that the workers will be processed.

Email us a copy of your Job Order / Manpower Request and a brief profile of your Company at so that we can prepare you a quotation or you may want to submit your Job Order Form Online.

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