Its systematic selection process that maximizes accuracy of judgment, ergo minimizing, if not eliminates cases of overlooked incompetence of selected applicants, provides enough confidence to our existing Global Partner Employers. In view of this, MABIS takes pride in providing appropriately qualified and competent Filipino workers to give your business a competitive advantage as we expand our horizons in quest for a new Global Partner Employers.

Today's approach in recruitment can often leave the applicant out in the cold, with the company barricaded behind CV's. The current focus on email communications, telephone interviews and little contact with company and candidate devolves the recruitment process into a series of interfacing with anonymous machines. MABIS has a different approach. MABIS believes in human contact. "If we don't understand the client's needs, or the candidate's abilities, how can a successful match be created?"

MABIS believes in a synergy between our Global Partner Employers and the Workers in our database. We understand the added value of an appropriately qualified and experienced applicant can bring to a company; we understand the sense of wholeness the right company can bring to a candidate. MABIS utilizes the well-developed instinct of astute and able consultants, who understand their niche markets and each client's unique requirements. MABIS looks at the people behind the resumes and job descriptions. All our candidates are interviewed and referenced checked. We know the CV can look wonderful, but is the individual the right fit?

MABIS believes in establishing close working partnerships with our clients. We listen to your requirements in order to tailor our services to fit your needs. MABIS offers a range of cost effective and flexible solutions to staffing in the current intense and competitive market.

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