The manpower pool we have is ready for deployment and has undergone rigorous selection process from screening and evaluation of the applicants' qualifications and skillsto the authentication of the applicants' documents such as trade certificates, college diploma, employment certificates or police clearance.

This vantage position from which we have gives us confidence that MABIS can place highly-qualified and competent skilled and professional workers into the market.

Through interviews and personality tests, MABIS carefully selects Filipino workers, who possess the following characteristics:

- Courteous, hardworking and honest;
- Enthusiastic and goal oriented;
- Able to apply judgment, initiative and later thought to problem solving;
- Able to manage time and resource effectively;
- Peace Loving;
- And able to work in a team under pressure.

MABIS diligently facilitates the completing of requirements set by our Global Partner Employers. Among these are:

- Have completed pre-registration educational preparation course leading to the eligibility to practice in
  the Philippines;
- Hold a current practicing certificate, if applicable, and have relevant work experience immediately
  before applying in the profession for which employment is sought;
- Can speak, read, write and understand English as well as able to learn the language used in the
  host country;
- Hold medical, neuro and police clearances;
- Hold a visa that has a permission to work in the country of destination;
- And be employed in accordance with the employment laws in the country of destination.

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